22Visionz is an entertainment company that focuses on the fields of music, marketing and branding. Guided by the vision of founder, Terran “T-Ran” Gilbert, 22Visionz combines creativity, the ability to engage global audiences, and an understanding of “what's next” to deliver innovative ideas as a leading architect of popular culture. Its expertise expands the boundaries of music production, publishing, management, filming, marketing, branding, clothing design and public relations.  22Visionz takes pride in its ability to hear the client's need, strategically create the vision and effectively market and promote its brand to the target audience.  

Our CEO Terran "T-RAN" Gilbert and our company, 22Visionz, was honored by the State Of Tennessee in Nashville, TN and Chattanooga, TN.

Nashville Proclamation (22Visionz)
Chattanooga Proclamation (22Visionz).jpg

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